Women Creating Change

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Championing Middle-Eastern and North African Women in Entertainment

Women Creating Change (WCC) fosters a thriving multicultural community of Middle-Eastern and North African (MENA) women in entertainment through collaboration and professional development.

About Us

WCC is dedicated to building a space of tolerance and solidarity between fellow MENA women in entertainment.

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Through our programs, we promote cooperation and dialogue among our members, encouraging and inspiring them to use their platform for positive change in MENA.

By offering professional development and increased visibility for our members’ stories and achievements, WCC also contributes to reshaping the dominant narratives around MENA and its populations in the mainstream media.

Today, more than ever, we need to see examples of fruitful collaborations across our communities and to champion voices for peace.

How We Do It

WCC accomplishes these goals by delivering tailored programs and creating opportunities for MENA female filmmakers:

Professional development

Master classes & Workshops
Access to professional opportunities

Community Building


Increased Visibility

Speaking opportunities